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Smiling Fish (Pumpui) Crispy Baby Clam 30g – Halal (Product of Thailand)

SMILING FISH PUMPUI Crispy Fried Clams is mild spicy tasty fried, yet soft chewy clams.
It’s rich in protein from clam meat, high in iron, and seasoned with a secret recipe for a great taste hard to resist.
Enjoy as an appetizer or with rice or boiled rice. Enjoy as a snack, side dish with drinks or food topping!

  • Contains protein
  • High in iron
  • No preservatives
  • No color added
  • Halal

Available Flavours

  • Smiling Fish (Pumpui) Crispy Baby Clam Original 30g
  • Smiling Fish (Pumpui) Crispy Baby Clam Garlic 30g


El-Dina Curry Paste 200g

Spice up your meals in an instant with El-Dina Instant Curry Paste!
Made with high-quality ingredients and authentic spices, our instant curry paste delivers bold and aromatic flavors in just minutes.
Perfect for busy individuals who want to enjoy the taste of Southeast Asia without sacrificing flavor or quality.

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Available Flavours

  • El-Dina Curry Chicken Paste 200g
  • El-Dina Curry Seafood Paste 200g

Smiling Fish (Pumpui) Crispy Baby Clam 30g & El-Dina Curry Paste Bundle

S$15.20 一般價格